Mehr-un-Nisa Eye Clinic
Managed by Vision Trust


Mehr-un-Nisa Eye Clinic, Karachi, Pakistan:

Mehr-un-Nisa Eye Clinic is a non-profit setup. Mr. Haji Haroon Gazdar the chief patron, not only provided and dedicated the premises, but was kind enough to have it furnished and equipped with rather sophisticated equipment as well. The clinic is named after his late wife Mrs. Mehr-un-nisa.

Located in one of a low lying areas of Karachi, near Ranchore Lines, (google map), it runs mainly on Donations and Zakaat.

Having common goals, Vision Trust agreed to provide free of cost administrative services to Meh-un-nisa Eye Clinic. Together we hope and strive to bring quality eye care at the doorsteps of this, rather thickly populated community of very low income group.

We have decided to focus and serve people, suffering from treatable causes of blindness-mainly cataract, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. This is what we can do in terms of our humble contributions towards making their lives worth the living and this planet a better place, as well as making our lives hereinafter more rewarding.

The task is too big and our contributions too little, and we may not make a noticeable difference in their lives during our lifetimes, or see statistically proven reduction in the incidence of blindness, but this is what we would be held accountable to Almighty, for the knowledge, expertise, time and resources He has made available to us-the more fortunate ones.